Abitibi Canyon Tour

Cochrane is the entry point to Ontario’s famous Northern Corridor du Nord trail system and a sign near town welcomes you to “The World’s Best Snowmobile Trails”. You can find out for yourself whether this is true by taking a ride on the 300 km Abitibi Canyon Loop. But don’t be so mesmerized by its superb trails that you miss the main attractions – the view from the Abitibi River dam and off trail boondocking on the snowy slopes of the Abitibi Canyon. Yes, if an exhilarating mix of stellar trail riding and powder playing are right up your alley, then go there – do that with the Abitibi Canyon Loop! This route begins in Cochrane via the TOP A trail west to the A103 to the Abitibi Canyon and back down to Smooth Rock Falls to the TOP A east back to Cochrane.